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He was an ecstatic baby dragon
ecstatic to be a dragon you could say
he had trouble playing with others
but he always got his way

In tantrums he’d spew fire
make a scene and fly away
they said he had his troubles
but he always got his way

His roar grew ever stronger   
and left most in dismay
many heroes tried to stop him
but he always got his way

He loved to plunder riches
and eat a maiden or two
he never admitted shame
this, he said, is what dragons do



Above the waves are crashing
while I drift deep below
light fades from the surface
and time begins to slow

My life was worth a penny
so I sold it to the sea
yo ho… yo ho…
a pirate’s life for me

Her lips are sweet and salty
her eyes are greater still
the nectar of ambrosia
denying water’s chill

In the deep she starts to glow
the ocean starts to thunder
I give the air inside my lungs
to the mermaid who pulled me under

the silence


It was his only thought, as from the roof of a parking garage he gazed at stagnant, lifeless metropolis. How could any form of purpose ever be found in such quiet, unloved space? The silence, the stillness, confirming his suspicions that life held no meaning whatsoever. Indifferently he looked at his shoes, wondering why they carried him at all. 

Bonzaii babe


My love I’ll give you one last chance
one chance is all I’ll give
your disposition lacks romance
and I need love to live

If I see you on the fence again
I’ll run and push you over
to the other side for other men
and you won’t be my lover

If your lips loose one more lie
my heart will kamakazi
I would rather both us die
than love someone who burned me
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